Kara Bombell Productions

Movin to the country…

For 5 days this week, I uprooted and stayed in a lil shack in the southern highlands. As I do alot of web work, I haven’t really been required to stay in ‘the big smoke’ and the fresh air, puppies and roaring fireplace have done me well. With only a few weeks to go till I move to Melbourne permanently, I thought what better way to get some creative juices a-stirring than to spend all day and night isolated with nothing but a laptop and graphics tablet.

And I have some ideas..

it may take them a while to eventuate.. but god damn it.. they will happen.

Ryan moseyed through on Sunday, car, packed to the rafters with his goods on the way to M-town, and before he left we managed to run around with torches and take some photos..

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