Kara Bombell Productions

Hearing Yellow

Project in PreProduction with Beate Adfectus.

From a young age Scott knew he was different, visual swathes of colour overwhelmed him when he heard sound, days of the week were inextricably linked to shades or textures – but the line was always blurry between an overactive child’s imagination and something more cerebral.

It wasn’t until his early 20s with dreams of composing music that Scott realised his vivid hallucinations were a symptom of Synesthesia – a condition in which the elements of perception are often conflicting – hearing colour and seeing sound. In addition to being involuntary, this additional perception is regarded by the synesthete as real, often outside the body, instead of imagined in the mind’s eye.

A condition which some would struggle to embrace gives Scott a renewed sense of perception which he actively uses to compose his experimental and progressive music.

This is a tale of altered perception, identity and experience told through the visually expressive ‘documation’ medium.

Formats: 13 minute Documation for Festival Release with Online Component

Platforms: Film/TV. Online. Installation

Stage: Pre-Production

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