Kara Bombell Productions

Party on the Hill_Flash Animation

Just playing with a bit of Flash to make a portfolio opening for Party on the Hill Productions.Great to get back into flash after a long foray into the world of HTML/CSS/PHP

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Movin to the country…

For 5 days this week, I uprooted and stayed in a lil shack in the southern highlands. As I do alot of web work, I haven’t really been required to stay in ‘the big smoke’ and the fresh air, puppies and roaring fireplace have done me well. With only a few weeks to go till I move to Melbourne permanently, I thought what better way to get some creative juices a-stirring than to spend all day and night isolated with nothing but a laptop and graphics tablet.

And I have some ideas..

it may take them a while to eventuate.. but god damn it.. they will happen.

Ryan moseyed through on Sunday, car, packed to the rafters with his goods on the way to M-town, and before he left we managed to run around with torches and take some photos..

Holy Pirate

Lone Wanderer

Life is tough as a salamander…

Bang Bang


Played with some code from processing.. this is what I got.. still learning.. but it is an exciting start!!!

Endless Balls- rollover + click’n’drag

Turkish Wedding Roto

In the process of Roto-ing a short animation with footage taken from a alcohol fuelled wedding I was lucky enough to attend on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. With Jade Cantwell, my Beate Adfectus buddy, we are testing out limitations with rotoing for our upcoming short Hearing Yellow.

I will be sure to put up the Wedding Roto as soon as its completed.

Until then its every spare hour tracing around cheeky young men fluffing their feathers in an attempt to court the opposite sex (and the camera operator)



Globe Trottin’

For 6 months I have been traveling, backpack in tow and experienced worlds that I have never before seen. 27 countries later and safe and sound in a warm bed, my appreciation for the countries I have visited is beyond compare.

From the monkey covered mountains of Jigokudani, the war scarred streets of Sarajevo, the martian landscapes of the Turkish Interior, to the bedouin ruled Arabian Desert- I saw as much as my teeny brain and tired body could handle- and have come out teaming with ideas.

Below are photos from Ryan Chenoweth, brilliant photographer, and travel buddy. Be sure to check out his site for more! (Its in the process of being developed.. by me… so I will put an active link when it is all looking SMASH hot!

Exercise Prescription and Physiotherapy

Web build and design with WordPress for Exercise Presciption and Physiotherapy.

Hellbound Ind

I have just recently completed an overhaul of Australian Anti- Greeting Company Hellbound Industries. Inappropriate Cards ALL ROUND!

If you feel like having a sneaky peak, head to HellboundInd.com