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We had reached a peak in our photocopying skills.

Beate Adfectus is the brainchild of three worn-down and disillusioned 20-somethings; tired of shitty hospitality jobs, unpaid internships and ‘learning the ropes’. These three renegades set out to break down walls between design, film, fashion, photography, architecture and new media to create new hybrid works that excite the senses and the imagination.

We’re not ashamed to admit our ambition is to be the most sublime fools ever sent rambling. We have an absolute addiction to craziness and folly and hysteria. Through the delirium come stories, of how we see the world. Augmented space, images, data scapes and our new intangible identities are constantly reformatting the way we interact with the world beyond our own skin.

Undoubtedly, there are irresistible opportunities to be taken from a cross disciplinary collaboration. All that we hope is that these mongrel ideas that we birth into the world take hold, interact and possibly, just maybe, inspire.

Beate Adfectus are:

+Jade Cantwell+

+Angela Woda+

+Kara Bombell+

(names listed in height order; not in order of talent, beauty or sandwich making skills.)

We love making things and collaborating so feel free to contact us with projects, ideas, proposals (marriage?) and free cake.

Contact: contact@beateadfectus.com