Kara Bombell Productions

all about kara

I love to sit in front of my computer and play… for eternity. Splicing, motion paths, hues, saturations, primary’s, secondaries… don’t even get me started on key frames. I use primarily Final Cut, Color, Motion, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, and have worked on a variety of commercial projects from TV advertising to channel branding to short form documentary.

I have loved documentary since I was a zygote. If you thought about Errol Morris, Kevin MacDonald, Jonas Odell, Dziga Vertov and Frederick Wiseman for 25 hours a day you would begin to understand what it feels like to inhabit my brain. More recently I have begun to take an interest in animated short form documentary and am currently in production for my debut animation ‘Hearing Yellow’.

With a keen interest in information design, interface and user interactivity, web design has become my loving mistress. I enjoy thinking about intuitive ways to engage in online interaction with design focused on fun, user friendly and creative aesthetics. My biggest desire is to create successful mixed media, amalgamating liveaction animation and web formats, creating a unique, multifaceted and modern media experience.

I have experience with Flash, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP using Joomla and WordPress CMS’s. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production) and am currently undertaking my Master of Creative Media at UTS, Sydney.

I was recently nominated for an AIMIA award for a website I created for Sydney band Traps.



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