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Bruno Bozzetto and needed inspiration

I have not been so inspired in a long time. With the vigourous working schedule I have been keeping, I decided to actually have a day off… and absorb. Fellow Beate wunderkind Jade Cantwell and I travelled into the southern highlands, got a packet of mint slices and proceeded to watch things we hadn’t seen.

First up, Allegro Non Troppo, and what a way to start. This animated feature by Bruno Bozzetto actually made my mind explode. A parody of Fantasia (and I LOVE Fantasia) the film blurs the line between film, animation, vaudeville and performance. The visual sense of tactility and fluidity of animation were bar none.

Then Mister Lonely. After the devestation of Trash Humpers, I was not entirely sure how eager I was to see Harmony Korine’s prior work. I was a massive fan of Kids, and enjoyed Gummo, but Trash Humpers scarred me for life. But Mister Lonely was masterfully shot, had beautiful production design, amazing performances (especially Samantha Morton) conceptually strong and made an interesting comment on the construction of identity and self.

Then Anton Corbijn came along and rained on my parade. Yes I understand he is meant to be some kind of amazing director, but.. honestly I just don’t see it. His works lack focus and attention to detail, and come across as sloppy to me. Bad lighting, unfocused performances, and really undergraduate vision

“But Kara, he was working in the confines of a different technological generation. He was making it up as he was going along”

Me: Don’t care. There are millions of other directors who had the vision to push through amazing ideas, despite the lack of an MTV market. He was working with Joy Division, Depeche Mode, U2, Echo and the Bunnymen and Nirvana… YET still made such uninteresting pieces of drivel that were not engaging on either a conceptual or cinematic level. I GET IT.. YOU LIKE BLACK AND WHITE! AND BRECHTIAN SETS.. GET OVER IT!

We then watched Jonathon Glazer’s work, and all was right with the world again.

We then ate more mint slices, hit cumquats off a tennis court into the bush and rotoscoped till our hands became claws.

All up GREAT inspiration day.

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